All Golf Mats Are Not Created Equal.

Read This Consumer Warning & Watch The Video Below Before You Buy Any Golf Mat.

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The Next Generation in Wood Tee Golf Mats & Fairway Golf Mats Have Arrived.

Do Not Buy Used Golf MatsDo Not Buy Used Golf MatsAlso Beware of the Latest Used Golf Mat Scam!
Used golf mats are loaded with HARMFUL CLEANING CHEMICALS

See Below Why Never to Buy a Used Golf Mat.

80,000 Happy Customers Use 5 Star Golf Mats

More Positive Reviews Than Any Other Mat Company

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Top Golf Instructors Say
It is the Best Mat They Have Ever Hit Off Of!

Consumer Warning From The Golf Mat Industry
The Test Results Are In... Buyer Beware!

Beware of the Used Golf Mat Scam!
Used Golf Mats Are Just That... Used.
They Have Out-Lived Their Usable Functional Life.
Why do you think driving ranges discarded them?
A Used Golf Mat Will Stain Your Clubs!
Used golf mat fibers are in the process of breaking down, resulting in
Horrible Uneven Surfaces That Make Hitting Irons Useless.

Used golf mats are loaded with


5 Star Golf Practice Mats Are Engineered For Golf Don't Get Ripped Off When Buying Golf Mats!

1. By Overpriced Wood Tee Golf Mats that are nothing special

2. By Pet and Baseball Turf Companies who try to pass off inferior turf as golf mats

3. Avoid Inferior Recycled Golf Mats!

Before You Buy Any Golf Mat - Know the Facts!

The Quality Is
Just Not There!

The price may look attractive at first, however
Replacing Your Golf Practice Mat Every Year Is Expensive!

The Problem: Old Out Dated Wood Tee Mats Are Expensive.
Standing on one, your feet sink in too far, creating an unnatural spongy stance.

5 Star Golf Mats Solved Those Problems!

Country Clubs – Top Golf Pros & Consumers Report
They Prefer 5 Star Golf Mats Over The Old Over-Priced Real Feel Golf Mats,
Or Any Other Golf Mat on The Market Today.

Compare 5 Star Golf Mats and You Will Understand When Martin Halls Says
5 Star Golf Mats are the Biggest Improvement the Golf Industry has seen in Years.

Perfect Stance - Perfect Feel – Better Quality – Perfect Price.

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Engineered ONLY For Golf

5 Star Golf Mats
Last Years Longer
30% Denser Turf™

5 Star Golf Mats Last Years Longer Than Other Golf Practice Mats Quality is Key
When Buying
a Golf Mat.

Martin Hall's
Satisfaction Guarantee

So Why Am I Telling You This? Simple!
Golfers Are Being Cheated By

Unscrupulous Pet, Baseball, Landscape Turf Companies
Trying to make a quick buck, they sell Pet Turf and call them "Golf Mats"


When Buying A Golf Mat, Buy A Quality Golf Mat
Engineered For Golf That Will Last 7 to 8 Years.

When You See My Name On A Web Site, or the Name 5 Star
You Will Know You Are Buying The Best Golf Mats On the Planet!

5 Star Golf Mats - Engineered For Golf

All Golf Mats Are Not Created Equal.

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