Dura-Pro™ Premium Residential Golf Mat

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    30% Denser Turf Than Other Golf Mats!

Great Home Golf Practice Starts With a Great Golf Mat!

Since 1997 Dura-Pro PlusTM Golf Mats have out-sold the competition!

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats out last all other golf mats in quality, price and delivery!


Now, What do you want in your backyard?TM

All Golf Mats Are Not Created Equal...

  • Dura-Pro Golf Mats offer an exclusive 3D Dimensional TurfTM With 30% More Turf Density than our competitors golf mats
  • Dura-Pro Golf Mats use a Thermal Bonding Process that prevents delamination of turf and pad (not just glued)
  • Our exclusive formulated No Shock Base Pad can take the abuse and Protect Your Clubs and Wrists
  • When buying a golf mat you want the best mat for practice. That is why Dura-Pro Golf Mats are recommended by more Golf Professionals, Golf Schools, and Driving Ranges than any other golf mat.
  • Dura-Pro Golf Mats are RATED #1! We exceed the industry standard for quality, durability, Perfect ReACTION Technology, and Comfort.


    Beware of cheap turf mats (seconds). Competitors are selling baseball and pet turf and try to pass them off for use as golf mats.

    FOLKS, THE REASON DURA-PRO GOLF MATS COST A FEW DOLLARS MORE is we have manufactured our mats since 1997... ONLY FOR GOLF!

    We don't lower our quality to match our competitors low standards.
We don't just sell any old golf mat...
We Engineer Golf Mats specifically for Golf Practice!

Our Premium
Residential Golf Mats
professional quality with
Perfect ReACTION Technology™
only with Dura-Pro Plus!
Now Available For
Your Home Practice Range!

dura-pro golf mats - above the industry standard

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats do cost a few dollars more because we won't

The Dura-ProTM Tough TurfTM Monster Machine!
Dura-ProTM is committed to quality in every step of the manufacturing process!

In order for a golf mat to pass the Dura-ProTM quality test - it MUST start with quality materials! We NEVER simply cut up remnants of random quality or "rejects" and try to pass them off as quality workmanship. Dura-Pro Mats are ONLY made of 100% Nylon - NO POLY MATS HERE!
Golf Mats Engineered For Golf Practice


Dura-Pro 3D
Dimensional TurfTM
Tufting Machines
Cut To Length and Tee Punch Line

The Dura-ProTM Golf Mats Are ALWAYS In Stock!

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats are always in stock so we can get them to you quickly!
We don't simply "cut them on site" - The Dura-ProTM Factory makes them from start to finish!

Dura-ProTM Residential Golf Mat Features and Specifications
Indoor / Outdoor

Safe for use on hard surfaces

Color fast - will not stain clubs

Absorbs club shock (5/8" thick)

Outstanding feel with
Perfect ReACTION Technology™
Exclusive 3D Dimensional Nylon TurfTM 30% More Density

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats will not delaminate!

Resists tears, fading, curling and separation

Heavy industrial bonded for years of use (NOT Glued!)
Dura-Pro PlusTM Nylon Tough TurfTM is 30% more dense than the other residential mats

Includes Rubber Tees & 1 Adjustable Friction Tee Holder

2 Tee Holes (for right or left handers)

Ultra-violet protection for years of use
Remember to rotate your golf mat periodically to promote even wear over time! Warranty information will be included with your golf mat.

Manufacturing tolerances + or - apply. Please wait for your golf mat to arrive before constructing your wooden frame.

(Wooden frames are not required, but are an optional personal preference.)
Before you buy...
Is a Residential Golf Mat Right for You?

Residential mats may be used with woods, drivers and irons (rubber tees are recommended for golfers with lower skill levels).
Residential mats may be used with irons and wedges for chipping. Residential mats are not recommended for commercial settings.
For full Hit Down and Through shots to simulate a divot, you will need to purchase a Premium Commercial Mat, WoodTee Golf Mat, or our High Tech Golf Mat, which is specifically built for heavy iron use, as the warranty does not cover lower skilled golfers who attempt to hit down and through shots which may results in mat damage. Make sure you buy the mat that is right for you.

Are Dura-Pro Golf Mats Worth A Few Dollars More?
Consumers, Driving Ranges and Golf Pro's Say YES!
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Ours Vs. Theirs
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Golf Pro Explains Why You Should Buy A Dura-Pro (A MUST SEE!)

Residential Base Pad Comparison

Our job is not done when we sell you a golf mat

You Purchased A Golf Mat For Practice? OK.... LET'S PRACTICE!

We want you to have all the
training tools & instruction you need to

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When you purchase one of our PRO GOLF MAT Packages
We will include these BONUS practice tools ABSOLUTELY FREE!

FREE Dura-Pro Impact Recording Decals FREE Perfect Power Full Swing Training DVD
FREE   BONUS   GIFTS   A   $50.00   VALUE!

FREE Dura-Pro Impact Recording Decals Kit
See & Fix Your Swing!
FREE Impact Decal Kit - Up To 144 Swings

  • The perfect tool for instant feedback

  • Will adhere and remove from any club easily

  • Provides clear impact recordings

  • Each label can record up to 6-8 times

  • The perfect hook or slice cure!

  • Includes Instruction Guide to know how to read your impact marks and what to do to improve your swing.

FREE "Perfect Power Full Swing Training DVD"
  • Will take 10-12 shots off your game!
  • 60 minutes of instruction & demonstration
  • Won't CHANGE your swing - will show you how to IMPROVE IT!
  • Covers Grip, Stance, Alignment, Ball Position, Swing Plane
  • Learn the same swing for every club! (Driver through Wedge)
  • Complete demonstration of ball striking
  • Flop Shots, Bunker Shots, Full Swing
    Gain Confidence In Your Game!
Practice on your Dura-Pro Golf Mat and


Dura-Pro Residential Golf Mat PRO Package

Dura-Pro Golf Mats out sell the competition with our exclusive 30% denser 3D Turf. Dura-Pro, the #1 Mat in Golf. A Better Hitting Surface.
You can buy a cheaper mat, you just can't buy a better one!
Includes FREE Accessories
(a $50.00 Value!)
  • Golf Mat
  • Almost Golf Balls
  • 2 Rubber Tees
  • 1 Wood Tee Holder
    (allows you to adjust wooden tee to your height preference)
  • Golf Ball Tray
  • 60 Minute Training DVD
  • Impact Recording Decals

(Continental U.S. Only)

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